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Exercise mat

Even a pro needs to go. Use the Cool2Workout exercise mat, the best tool to train your abs as heavy as you want. Checkout our schedules and work that body.

Resistance bands set

Unpack this set and prepare for the best super sets you can imagine. This is the real deal, go for that 25 reps if you are ready to train like a pro.

Resistance bands

With the Cool2Workout resistance bands you can do all different exercises wherever and whenever you want. Get out of your chair and start your resistance bands training today.

Exercise wheel

So you are a pro, than this wheel is what you want. Burn that abs with our pro exercises and you can even do it before your lunch at the office.

Jump rope

Jumping is cool so that’s why we have a real pro schedule for anybody who loves to jump yourself fit. Do it in the morning, afternoon or at night. No one can stop you doing a cool 2 workout jump.

Fitness ball

Do you want to work on your abs, arms or core, then this fitness ball with pump is a great tool! To be able to start quickly, we have 11 exercises ready to start with. A tight booty all year round with the Cool2Workout fitness ball!

Foam roller

Do you feel like relaxing or do you want to loosen stuck muscles, then use the Cool2Workout foam roller! Our foam roller comes in two trendy colors and is made of a high solid quality so that results can be achieved quickly. Relax yourself with the help of these super effective foam rollers.